E-commerce websites

E-commerce websites

We create safe and customizable e-commerce websites thanks to Magento technology.

Our method

We believe that each company can grow its online business. Discover how we support companies in creating their online store and managing it by maximizing results.

Our method - Analysis and design

Analysis and design

Each of our e-commerce projects starts with an analysis of your business reference market. We analyze the current status, your online competitors, identify the categorization of products and create the website immediately keeping in mind customers who use mobile devices (smartphones and tablets).

Our method - Design


We create a prototype of the website in which categorization, product presentation, and purchasing flow are tested. During this phase, we select colors, fonts and develop the website’s visual presentation.

Our method - Development


The e-commerce website takes shape through the configuration of the Magento platform which allows to independently manage products, categories, orders, payments, shipments, and customers.

E-commerce websites optimized for purchasing from all devices

We create e-commerce websites with responsive technology: they automatically adapt to the size of all kinds of screens, making the shopping experience from your online store enjoyable.

E-commerce websites optimized for purchasing from all devices - Smartphones


Even smartphone users can access online promotions and easily purchase your products through mobile phones.

E-commerce websites optimized for purchasing from all devices - Tablets


Reach the high end of online shoppers thanks to an e-commerce website optimized for tablet devices.

E-commerce websites optimized for purchasing from all devices - Desktop


We guarantee multi-browser and multi-platform compatibility: your online store is accessible and usable from all the most well-known browsers.


We turn to the Magento platform for all our e-commerce projects: it guarantees a high level of customization, safety, and reliability.


Advanced e-commerce functionalities

Thanks to the Magento platform and the various existing extensions, we can integrate and customize many advanced features for your e-commerce store. Here are the most important.

Advanced internal research

Thanks to the integration of third-party services with Magento, we can improve the search experience within the website by providing relevant results to users.

Users’ review

Thanks to the integration of third-party services such as Ekomi and Feedaty, we collect reviews on purchased products and integrate the stars into Google’s results. Discover more about our SEO services!

Recovery of abandoned carts

We send automatic emails with special discounts to users who abandon full carts in order to encourage purchase.

Customized recommendations

We improve the visitors’ user experience by highlighting the most recently viewed products on the home page in order to increase the e-commerce conversion rate (sales).

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