We keep the interest of users visiting your website high with specific advertising messages.

Our method

We follow a structured process to create and optimize Remarketing campaigns with the aim of improving the return on investment.

Our method - Analysis of objectives

Analysis of objectives

We analyze traffic volumes on your website to understand in which countries, with which budget and which tools we should carry out Remarketing campaigns.

Our method - Technical configuration

Technical configuration

We implement remarketing tags on your website and generate banners if it is static remarketing or feed if it is dynamic remarketing.

Our method - Optimization of campaigns

Optimization of campaigns

We optimize the campaign according to the best performing banners in terms of clicks and conversion rates, excluding the least profitable positions in order to increase the return on investment.

What is remarketing about?

It is a particular type of online advertising which allows to reach (“run after”) users who have already visited your website or app.

Why remarket?

It allows to reach users when they are more likely to purchase, for example during price comparisons.

Static or dynamic remarketing?

There are many types of remarketing campaigns, we help you choose the one that best suits your business.

Improve brand awareness

Always appear on well-established websites that give importance to your company and reinforce your brand’s perception and awarness. Improve return on investment by increasing the number of user touch points thanks to Remarketing.

Increase online sales

Sales and overall leads almost never happen the first time you visit a website, but only later. Bring repeated traffic to your website through Remarketing campaigns, show your products during the comparison process that precedes purchase and acquire new customers.

Remarketing campaigns

We manage different types of remarketing (or retargeting) campaigns depending on the online objectives and the budget to invest.

Static remarketing on Google

Strengthen the brand and obtain new potential customers. Promote through banners or text insertions your business to users who have already visited your website in the last few months.

Dynamic remarketing on Google

Increase sales from your e-commerce website by displaying in the Google Display network the products which have been seen on your site.

Remarketing on Facebook

Strengthen the brand, obtain contacts and generate sales from your e-commerce by running after users of your website also on Facebook and Instagram.

+ Dynamic remarketing with Criteo

Through Criteo you can start dynamic remarketing campaigns on Google and Facebook display networks and many other display networks affiliated with Criteo.

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