We develop email marketing strategies to loyalize customers and increase your brand’s visibility.

Our Newsletter system

We provide a service for planning, creating and sending Newsletters. Alternatively, our Newsletter sending system is at your disposal to allow you to independently manage them.

Our Newsletter system - Creating the template

Creating the template

We create the responsive template customized for your email in order to maintain colors, logos, and fonts aligned with your website’s look.

Our Newsletter system - Planning and sending Newsletters

Planning and sending Newsletters

We provide support for planning, designing, writing, creating and sending Newsletters.

Our Newsletter system - Analysis of results

Analysis of results

Obtain detailed reports on Newsletter opening rates to understand which ones work best and improve communication with your customers.

Want us to take care of it or do you prefer to handle it?

We supply our Newsletter sending system: either send emails totally independently with our support or totally delegate the creation and sending of Newsletters to us.

Provide valuable information

Keep your customers updated on new products and services through constant personalized communication via email.

Increase online sales

Communicate your sales promotions to your customers. Newsletters are the most effective direct marketing tool!

Services offered connected to Newsletters

Each and every company is different, this is why we provide our customers with various types of services.

Support for the Newsletter system

We provide support over the phone and through screen sharing to help you get the most out of our Newsletter management and sending platform.

Integration with your website

The Newsletter sending system is perfectly compatible and can be integrated with Magento, ExpressionEngine, and WordPress. Expand your contact list by inviting your website visitors to subscribe to your Newsletter!

Checking Newsletters before sending out

If you wish to manage your emails independently, we provide a content verification service to help you ensure higher quality in email communications.

Planning Newsletter mail-outs

We help you plan Newsletter mail-outs on a quarterly basis, guiding you in the selection of contents.

Segmentation of email contacts

Send personalized emails depending on the characteristics of your target audience!

Detailed reports on sent emails

Obtain detailed reports on the opening rates of Newsletters, understand which ones work best and thus improve communication, email after email!

Generating new subscribers

We offer consultation in order to obtain new members and expand your contact list for sending out Newsletters.

Autoresponder and Workflow

Create an automatic email sequence that will be sent to all new subscribers to your Newsletter.

New contacts in trade fairs and events

Through the personalized iPad app with your logo, it will be easy and fun to acquire new subscribers to your Newsletter during trade fairs and events.

Creating contents for emails

We can help you compose texts and find images for your Newsletters.

Anti-spam test

We carry out anti-spam tests before sending emails out in order to maximize opening rates for your Newsletters.

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