Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads

We promote your products and services on Facebook generating interest and purchasing opportunities.

Our method

We follow a structured process to set up and optimize Google AdWords campaigns and improve return on investment.

Our method - Analysis of objectives

Analysis of objectives

Do you wish to increase sales for your e-commerce, generate new potential customers (leads), expand the number of subscribers to your Newsletter or grow awareness on a business event? Defining goals is the right way to determine the success of a Facebook Ads advertising campaign.

Our method - Configuration of the code in the website

Configuration of the code in the website

Once the objectives have been defined, we help you install Facebook tags in your website to create “personalized audiences”, monitor the objectives through Google Analytics and therefore allow to quantitatively keep track of the return on your online investment.

Our method - Campaigns’ construction and optimization

Campaigns’ construction and optimization

We take care of all the “creative bits” (banners, images, and texts) in order to obtain persuasive advertising insertions. To improve campaigns’ effectiveness and the budget invested on Facebook Ads advertising campaigns, we define the “target audience” by testing various targets in order to maximize the return on investment.

Typologies and objectives achievable through Facebook Ads campaigns

Depending on the objectives you wish to reach online, we select the most suitable type of Facebook Ads campaign.

Facebook Ads campaigns

We configure and manage different typologies of Facebook Ads campaigns according to the online objectives and the budget to invest.

Fan acquisition campaigns

We help you acquire new fans on your Facebook business page, allowing you to increase online awareness for your company brand.

Remarketing on Facebook Ads network

“Run after” users who visit your website through Facebook advertisements and bring them back to your website increasing contacts with potential customers or sales from your e-commerce.

Video Campaigns

Reach new customers using videos and promoting them with targeted campaigns on Facebook Ads.

Purchase oriented campaigns

We help you increase sales from your e-commerce by exploiting the Facebook Ads advertising network.

Branding campaigns

Introduce your company to new potential customers and generate relevant traffic on your website.

Email acquisition campaigns

Thanks to “Leads Ads” you can acquire emails, name and last name of new potential customers directly from Facebook: boost the list of people who have subscribed to your Newsletter.

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