Deliver a pharmacy directly to all Italian homes. Through an e-commerce.

Superfarma turns to its new e-commerce website, Google Ads campaigns and artificial intelligence tools and uses them as a springboard to grow its brand in Italy.


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return on online investment (ROAS)


products available in the e-commerce

The history


A reality that has been on the market for over 60 years with two pharmacies in Pescara. Today, thanks to available digital solutions, it has decided to increase its number of customers served by exceeding territorial limits imposed by the physical store and delivering products for health and well-being throughout Italy.

The goal

Increase the number of customers served through the e-commerce

Create a new online store, breaking down territorial limits and ensuring a quick, easy and safe shopping experience, with the opportunity to have exclusive discounts and deals.

The solution

Magento e-commerce platform

The new e-commerce website is made with responsive technology, customizing the Magento platform and allowing Superfarma to easily integrate with the warehouse and the management system.

Online advertising campaigns + artificial intelligence = ongoing growth.

The new e-commerce website is promoted online through advertising campaigns in the Google Ads circuit: these advertising campaigns have been enhanced with innovative real-time bidding tools based on artificial intelligence.

Promotional newsletters as a service to Superfarma’s customers.

The weekly Newsletter informs the numerous customers about the exclusive offers in the wide and updated range of Superfarma’s products.

Measure to grow: decisions based on data

Google Ads and Facebook ads campaigns and Newsletters are integrated and coordinated in a multi-channel digital marketing strategy that allows Superfarma to have a complete view of activities and make data-based decisions.

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