Promote the excellence of Made in Italy pumping solutions at international level

Euromacchine records a growing number of international leads thanks to multilingual Google Ads campaigns and an optimization system of the return on investment focused on shared data analysis, target optimization, and keyword expansion. The return on investment is measured in terms of direct conversions and business generated on the B2B target, allowing Euromacchine to expand its reference market.

+18 million

Global Ad impressions in 12 months

4 languages

Google Ads campaigns


New year-over-year users (YoY)

The history

Internationally promote Euromacchine technology

Euromacchine has been delivering innovative water pumping solutions for various applications since 1979: irrigation, dewatering, emergency events, and agriculture. Research and innovation, relationships based on trust, quality, and reliability are the values ​​that drive Euromacchine’s business at international level.

The goal

Increase brand awareness and generate leads globally

Give international visibility to Euromacchine by answering users’ searches in various languages ​​through Google Ads advertising campaigns meant to generate contact requests from new potential customers.

The solution

Measure online advertising campaigns for conscious growth

After implementing Google Analytics in the multilingual website, we created an interactive customized dashboard with Google Data Studio. The information-rich reports obtained through the dashboard allow us to share campaign data with the entire company, work better as a team, and extract meaningful information that enables informed and data-driven decisions.

International expansion by leveraging data and technology

After adjusting the Google Ads campaigns and obtaining their full effectiveness in Italy, we used any available data and artificial intelligence technologies provided by Google Ads to scale campaigns internationally. In English at first and later in Spanish and French.

We tested new markets, reaching over 180 countries through our campaigns and allowing those looking for specific products to discover Euromacchine.

A conscious and ever-changing growth.

As Euromacchine grows, the advertising method evolves just as the target audience’s knowledge.

Steady improvement. Powered by data.

On-site surveys, usability analysis, and UX through specific tools, combined with advertising campaign data, led us to develop a method that allows the implementation of ongoing improvements in campaign results and a continuous optimization of the return on investment.

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