Digital transformation to promote the brand

Cantina Ramuscello decided to give the brand a more modern look by redesigning a new website. The aim was to build a connection with new potential customers and increase brand awareness.


of new visitors


of smartphone visits on the new website

Over 3 minutes

The average time spent on the website

The history

Cantina Ramuscello

Cantina Ramuscello is a cooperative established in 1959 thanks to the passion and initiative of its winemakers. Today the winery counts nearly 150 members and offers wines that are characterized by an authentic and distinct flavor: an expression of the Friuli territory.

The goal

Attract potential customers through digital channels

The realization of a new website easily accessible through smartphones, tablets, and desktops in order to engage new visitors and improve user experience and brand awareness of Cantina Ramuscello.

The solution

Content production

The digital transformation project stems from the creation of the website’s solid information architecture which was shared and approved by the company, also allowing the implementation of a “mobile first” methodology even for what concerns the production of content.

A design that meets a modern style

In addition to the content, the new website’s user experience and design have been conceived by taking into consideration mainly smartphone users: most consumers, in fact, expect the experience on a brand’s mobile website to be as easy as its desktop version.

Training and updating the website independently

To allow Cantina Ramuscello to update the new website on its own, the marketing department has undergone a training period in order to learn how to use Expression Engine’s content management platform.

Fast hosting, happy users

To further improve digital experience, the website is hosted in YESdesign’s server infrastructure, thus ensuring loading speed, reducing waiting times and minimizing the site’s abandonment rates.

The project’s services

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