The world of bofrost* at your home, simply through an app.

Online advertising solutions support bofrost* in its growth, expand the customer base by improving its digital presence, and increase its popularity across Italy. bofrost * reaches target customers and obtains a return on investment equal to 7 times the advertising spend.


app installations via Google Ads campaigns in only 5 months

+ 3.5 milion

of impressions obtained through Google Ads campaigns

return on advertising spend (ROAS) from Google App Install campaigns

The history


bofrost* has been selling and delivering high quality frozen food products for over 30 years. Taking advantage of the digital world’s opportunities, the company has consolidated its presence on the national territory, enhancing the unique bond it has always had with its customers.

The goal

Grow and engage through the mobile app

bofrost* wishes to expand its customer base, bring more traffic, and increase the downloads of its new and recently redesigned Android and iOS app bofrost*. Through dedicated campaigns, it wants to increase the number of installations and generate online purchase conversions.

The solution

Firebase: support better corporate decisions

After an initial analysis and technical verification of the Firebase tool, we imported the main user events on Google Ads.

The connection with Firebase allowed us to track consumer behavior, such as purchases through the app, and therefore improve the quantity and quality of data available to bofrost*.

This also allowed us to assess the return on advertising investment more accurately, collecting meaningful information from the data delivered by Google Ads advertising campaigns.

Smartphone app installation campaigns for Android and iOS

bofrost* quickly obtained through targeted investments a greater number of customers who now use the bofrost* app to purchase their favorite products, browse catalogs, and experiment with new recipes.

These excellent results have been possible thanks to advertisements specifically optimized for app installations and Google Ads Universal campaigns, based on sophisticated machine learning technologies and Google’s artificial intelligence.

The project’s services

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